Leather Pants And My Doggie Mochi 🐶

Sun in the face and wine in my hand! What else does a girl need on a Sunday afternoon!?
Finishing up this week and thinking about how productive it was. Personally, it’s very easy for me to be hard on myself. I always focus on things that I didn’t do or on my failures, so today I want to celebrate small victories. I also want to encourage everyone around me to do the same. Cheers to a Sunday-Funday evening 💕 Scroll down for outfit deets!



But first… Meet my puppy Mochi! She is a Maltese – Shi-tzu mix and she is 5 years old (but always a puppy to me). Her ears are normally a LOT longer but this is the first time that we decided to give her a shorter cut. I don’t think she is a fan, bu I love it! She is the biggest brat and such a Diva, especially around her sister Whiskey, who is an absolute  sweetheart! I will feature her in the upcoming blogs!


Ok now on to my outfit.
I promised myself in August that I will not buy another off-the-shoulders top at least until next Summer. But then I walked in our brand new Nordstrom that had just opened in San Diego UTC Mall (check this link, it’s AMAZING!!) and this beautiful creature of a pink top was staring right at me. I had to get it! It has everything that I love: bell sleeves, amazing quality, super soft material and it’s off-the-shoulders!
I didn’t know what to pair it with at first. Leather pants/leggings would not be my first choice, but the color of these leggings goes so well with pink and matches my wine!!
The necklace that I’m wearing is from on of my faves – Kate Spade! It makes any outfit extra girly and romantic! Unfortunately I bought it a long long time ago and couldn’t find it to share with you guys, but I found a very similar one!
Same goes to this bag – it’s super old, but look at this one that I’m also dying to get (it’s on sale too)!
Lastly, the shoes (similar). They already have been features, but they go perfectly with this color scheme! Check them out!
I want to point out the wine glass that we got as part of a set for our wedding gift with the hubs. It’s from Anthropology (I was so stoked to find out that they have a registry!) of course they turn their inventory so fast that they don’t have these exact ones anymore. Check out these similar ones that are absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you for reading loves and make it a beautiful night!
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