Spider Web… Spider Web everywhere! Or how to decorate your house for Halloween 🎃 👻

I’ve been wanting to share my Halloween decor with the world for a while now as I just love this time of the year and enjoy decorating almost as much as I love dressing up 🙂

I learned that one bag of spider web goes a long way and adds that extra special creepy touch. After you are done with the web, place a few “dark” animals around the house and you are done! I personally prefer monochrome Halloween elements, I think it keeps the decor universal and elegant as opposed the orange/purple/glitter combo.


I seriously considered keeping this guy on the fridge for a lot longer after Halloween. he was a star of every gathering during the month of October.


Giant Fluffy Spider::Skeleton Couple::Raven::Owl

I featured links for similar products on Amazon if you don’t want to leave the house. But check out Michaels – their stuff is amazing and usually on sale!

Booooo! Yana.